The Hottest Washroom Remodeling Trends

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While some people see bathroom renovations as something they have to necessarily go through without any pleasure, others see it as the prefect opportunity to create something which is truly unique, and personalized according to their will.

If there was one item in your bathroom without which it wouldnt be called such, it has to be the toilet bowl. When people hear the words, what they think of is the classic white porcelain toilet bowl which has been built in by default into most of the houses and apartment buildings in the world. This has become too redundant, and most people felt the need to change up their toilet bowls to make them stand out and complement the bathroom instead of sitting there and looking bland. Since then, a whole industry has grown around it and now toilet bowls are being done in all sizes, colors, designs, styles and shapes imaginable. There have even been some computerized toilets constructed with an integrated mp3 player, an a heated seat. The Japanese have even advanced this technology so rapidly that they now have toilets which analyze your urine and give you detailed results about your health levels. While the fancier toilets can cost anywhere from a 1000$ and up, there are in fact options available for those who do not take pleasure in doing their business in whats practically a robot.

When it comes to the less expensive designs, theyre available in many eccentric designs. For example, you have the choice of having a real fish tank attached to the back of your toilet, if fish is what you like. If perhaps youre a fan of a more classic atmosphere, there is also a model which consists of throne carved of mahogany (or any type of expensive wood you wish it to be carved out of), even with a chain flusher included, just like in old times; it would allow you to feel like a king/queen when going about your daily bathroom activities.
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The Hottest Washroom Remodeling Trends

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This article was published on 2011/02/05